Learn how to do a Successful Facebook Campaign (NEW VIDEO!)

You may have already read the previous post on this subject: How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign and Other Glorious Facebook Information.”  

With that post I want to give you the “Part 2” – with a new video explaining some of the ins and outs of creating a successful campaign. It was crafted by myself and the brilliant mind of our brand lead for Assemblies of God World Missions, Ericka Pasquale.  (thanks Ericka!)

(March 2015 video)

(NEW! May 2015 video)

If you are launching your own Facebook campaign, keep in mind that Facebook campaigns will primarily lead you to new financial partners who are referrals. The key to referral relationships is to develop them. Don’t take these new relationships for granted or assume they don’t want more involvement with you because you acquired their partnership via Facebook. I have this new quote that I love, and I think it fits nicely here:

“Your real goal isn’t about raising money. Your real goal is to raise up people and create solid, long-term relationships.” – Myles Wilson, author of Funding the Family Business

Here are some ways to develop relationships that come from your Facebook campaigns:

1. If they live near you, go grab coffee, lunch, or dinner together. Spend time getting to know them and cast vision about your ministry.

2. Reach out to them via Facebook messenger with electronic resources on your ministry, and add them to your ministry Facebook page.

3. Ask if you could connect via phone, Skype, or FaceTime with those new financial partners that live far away.

4. Send them a thank you card in the mail and/or a small gift when appropriate. Send them a e-thank you card if snail mail seems un-appropriate.

5. Start following their Facebook page. Find out what their interests are and how you can engage.

I hope these tips help you create solid, long-term partnerships with those you meet in your own Facebook campaign!

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