The Financial Partnership Development Workbook


Financial Partnership Development : Fundraising Made Relational is a 150 page manual with everything you need to develop your financial support.

Financial Partnership Development is an interactive and comprehensive workbook on fund-raising. Originally written for Assemblies of God World Missionaries, the workbook trains readers step-by-step in biblically and practically raising financial support. Combining teaching and 7 guided assignments, it is designed for both small groups and individuals. Readers will grasp ways to raise finances with individuals and churches. More importantly, they will learn how to minister to their financial partners along the way.

Available online at:

Available Formats:

  • print version is available at
  • .ePub – for Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, and Kobo.
  • .mobi – for Kindle devices and Kindle apps
  • .PDF – good for reading on a computer or home printing
  • and more!

Chapters include information on the following:

  • Biblical Basis for Partnership Development
  • Vision Statements and Taglines
  • Preparing the 5 Minute Window
  • Connecting with Churches
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • The Ministry of Partnership Development
  • Creating Your Contact List
  • Why People Give
  • The Invitation Letter and Newsletters
  • The Phone Call
  • The Appointment


“This book is a great resource! Looking at raising funds from a Biblical basis will completely change your outlook on fund-raising. The tools this book provides are invaluable to ministries. After applying the wisdom this workbook provides, you will see fund-raising in a completely different light and will enjoy the opportunities to minister and partner with people.” Cara, AGWM MA

“The practical and biblical principles in this book helped me to raise my funds quickly, but more than that it helped me understand that the body of Christ is essential for funding workers for the field. One of the greatest things I learned from this book is that the reason God has us raise our funds in churches is because God wants the whole church body to be part of the Great Commission. That changed my whole perspective and removed barriers.” Ashley, AGWM MA

“My wife and I were new and completely terrified of having to raise our funds… This has been a lifesaver. Not only is it incredibly practical, but it leads you in what becoming a missionary should be: partnership. It’s not just about asking for money, and this book will help you see that.” – Anonymous Amazon Customer

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