How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign (and other glorious FB information)

This video was made for sensitive country missionaries interested in making Facebook campaigns, (sensitive country means a country where it is dangerous to tell the outside world where you are going, particularly on the internet) however, it could be used for a missionary going to any country – sensitive or not.

The example used in the video is Dylan, a passionate missionary who raised her goal of $500 monthly support in 10 days. Dylan used interesting and passionate videos, well thought out content posts, and give-away incentives to reach a completely new audience with her ministry and need for monthly support — all within the context of safety on Facebook.

If you are interested in launching your own Facebook campaign, follow the information on the video and include the following:

1. Correct Timing: One thing we didn’t mention in the video is when to launch your Facebook campaign. The best time to launch is when you have raised approximately 75-85% of your budget. Facebook is a great tool, however it should not replace the face-to-face appointment as the number one way to raise up your financial partnership team. Nothing can take the place of being eyeball-to-eyeball / face-to-face when raising your finances. A Facebook campaign should be used to expand your contact list and/or used as more of a “last push” tool.

2. Make sure you have time in your schedule during your Facebook campaign. This should be a no-brainer, but just in case… If you have 15 people posting on their Facebook walls for 10 days, and you are supposed to be providing all of the content, videos, give-aways, etc for those 15 people – you will be busy. You will be busy not only keeping up with your 15 friends posting for you, but you will be busy keeping up with all of the people who like or comment on your friends’ posts. Thus make sure the 10 days you pick are good in your personal schedule. Do not fall behind during this time. Remain on top of the posts and give your 15 the information they need every single day to make your Facebook campaign successful.

Below are a couple of more thoughts and tips on Facebook, provided by social-media / branding genius for AGWM Mobilization – Ericka Pasquale. (also the creator and brain behind the video above!)

10 Tips for using FB as a Missionary

1. Connect, like, share, and continuously be active.

2. When connecting with pastors, consider private messaging them. Do so for introductions or even to scheduling meetings.

3. Post pictures, not just text.

4. Tag and engage your audience in your posts.

5. Promote services or engagements in order to invite others to attend in and around the area.

6. Post prayer requests.

7. Comment on financial team’s personal pages to let them know you are thinking about them. Private message your financial partners as well to find out how they are doing.

8. Post videos (short and quick update videos).

9. Encourage other missionaries to share your posts. Follow other missionaries and ministries and share their posts. Be engaged.

10. Create a conversation on posts utilizing the tag feature.  Generate a dialogue

5 Reasons Why Facebook is Effective in Maintaining and Building Your Financial Partnership Team.

1. It’s the Largest Free Country in the World. Facebook was founded in 2004, and just over 10 years later it is now the largest country in the world. With more people on Facebook then the entire population of China it is the most used free resource for communication. Anyone with internet access and email address can sign up for a Facebook account.

2. Engaged Users. According to Zephoria Internet Marketing Solutions: 890 million people login to their Facebook accounts every single day, and currently Facebook is growing at a rapid rate. 5 new profiles are created every single second. With over 300 million photos uploaded every day this show us that users are engaged. Why not engage with you and do something productive for the kingdom of God? This statistic also shows us that there are a lot of photos competing for users’ attention. So you when using Facebook, you need to target your posts strategically.

3. It is Global. In Europe alone there are over 230 million Facebook users. Facebook is a world wide phenomenon. And as I think upon my role as a marketing and brand lead for Assemblies of God World Missions, I am truly believe there are people in those 890 million daily users who would love to be apart of what God is doing around the world… they just might not have had the opportunity yet. Facebook could be that opportunity.

4. It helps Maintain Soild Relationships.  If I give a missionary a one time donation because I saw that missionary at my church, and then we become Facebook “friends” – then I have the opportunity to easily follow all the amazing things they are doing in ministry. When that missionary chooses to launch a fundraiser on Facebook, it is likely that I will be willing to switch from a one-time-gift to a monthly committed financial supporter. Why? Because that missionary and I are connected. Because I have been following what they are doing and where they are going. And here’s the main point: As a potential financial supporter I am going to invest in what I know, and Facebook makes it very easy to get to know someone.

5. Pastors Like Interacting On Facebook. Recent studies we have done at Assemblies of God World Missions have found that our itinerating missionaries have the most success with initial contact to a pastor by merely by sending a private Facebook message. Pastors are 8 times more likely to respond to a Facebook private message then they are to return a phone call….8 times.   – Ericka

In closing, good luck and God bless you in your own Facebook Campaign. And please, let me (Jenn) know how they go for you by sending me an email or commenting here.

Special thanks to Ericka Pasquale’s brain for this post.

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