The Secret Ingredient to Successful Support Raising

I started this website and blog in November of 2014. Since I began I have been grateful to get out some (of what I hope to be) helpful information to a growing audience. Up to this point I have focused the blog on practical information and tips for those in their season of financial partnership development. To develop the blog further I would like to add a layer of attention to the biblical basis for raising support. There is much to say on the subject, and as I grow as a partnership development coach I am finding that the majority of successful partnership development lies within one’s attitude and perspective on the subject.


Did you know that there are 700 direct statements on the Bible having to do with wealth? There are over 100 indirect statements as well, making finances a major area of focus within the scriptures. But are we focused on what the Bible has to say? Are we studying what the scriptures say as we raise our support, or are we concerned only with what our current culture says about it? Do we wonder and seek to understand why God set up the christian worker to live off of support, or do we see it only as a necessary evil? Are we really concerned with ministering to our financial partners and including them in the Great Commission, or are we only focused on getting to 100% raised and onto our “real jobs”? Are we ruled by our fears or by scripture?

Through coaching I’m finding that the overall culture (including our potential donors, churches, American culture, etc.) and the culture of our sending agencies often dictate our attitudes on support raising much more than the Bible. Often times we find ourselves shaped unknowingly by our peers and co-workers raising their own finances. Have you ever heard another christian worker or missionary say that raising their finances is a drag? Or they wish they could just get back to the field? Have you heard someone say they just wish the season could be over? Have you ever heard them express that they’ve done all of the stuff they are “supposed to do” but just can’t understand why people won’t give? Have you heard them express negatively about pastors being hard to reach and churches having tight pockets?

I believe it’s okay to be honest and real with hardships within situations. And with raising your finances, I would be remiss in telling you that hardships won’t happen. However, I do believe that often times we haven’t been trained in biblical mindsets when it comes to itineration, and our negativity can spread like wildfire without us even noticing. Often times the christian workers I advise begin their season of itineration with little to no knowledge of scriptural examples of financial partnership. I was in the same boat as I began my own journey – so if that’s you my point is not to shame you. I’m not writing this to shame anyone. I’m writing it because I believe we need to start educating ourselves and our workers what it means to raise our support from a true biblical perspective.

Do you want some places to start?! Oh good I thought you would never ask!! Here are some scripture verses I hope over the months to expand upon, and that I believe are great starts to a journey of education on the biblical basis of financial partnership development:

Numbers 18:21-24

2 Kings 4:1-7

Nehemiah 2:1-9

Luke 8:1-3

Philippians 4:10-19

1 Corinthians 9:1-14

From my experience, those that seek out knowledge and a mindset based on biblical financial partnership development will find themselves happier, calmer, and more fulfilled by this season of ministry. They also happen to get to 100% a lot quicker…so what’s the secret ingredient to successful support raising: BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE.

8 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient to Successful Support Raising

  1. Amen to that, Jenn! It was learning the biblical validity of this lifestyle that changed my emotional resistance to raising support. It gave me the confidence I lacked for too many years.

    Another dimension to the biblical foundation I learned later is understanding how we all have been deceived into giving money a place of power in our lives and letting it make decisions for us. This is when money becomes “mammon” and we bow down to it and embrace our culture’s ideas and ways of operating in regards to money. Learning to identify my unbiblical ways of thinking about money, and dealing with them spiritually, have also brought me much freedom and more confidence to invite partnership. What helped me in this was reading “Wealth, Riches and Money” by Earl Pitts and Craig Hill. I highly recommend it!

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  2. Hey Jenn! I just found your website today, and I’m very encouraged! I oversee the fundraising ministry for DiscipleMakers, a Pennsylvania-based college campus ministry. I used to maintain a blog of my own – offering Biblical encouragement for fundraising Christians – and from what I can tell by reading over some of your blog entries, you’re a kindred spirit! Thanks for your ministry.

    Though I no longer maintain my blog (mostly due to the lack of time I was able to devote to it), perhaps it would be an encouragement to you or your readership. You can find it here if you’re interested:


    1. Hey Tom! Thanks for the comment. I’ll check out the blog to be sure. Very nice to meet you and blessings upon you and your DiscipleMakers. Very cool. I always appreciate meeting kindred spirits. My email is if you ever want to talk shop.


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