Learn how to do a Successful Facebook Campaign (NEW VIDEO!)

You may have already read the previous post on this subject: How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign and Other Glorious Facebook Information.”  

With that post I want to give you the “Part 2” – with a new video explaining some of the ins and outs of creating a successful campaign. It was crafted by myself and the brilliant mind of our brand lead for Assemblies of God World Missions, Ericka Pasquale.  (thanks Ericka!)

(March 2015 video)

(NEW! May 2015 video)

If you are launching your own Facebook campaign, keep in mind that Facebook campaigns will primarily lead you to new financial partners who are referrals. The key to referral relationships is to develop them. Don’t take these new relationships for granted or assume they don’t want more involvement with you because you acquired their partnership via Facebook. I have this new quote that I love, and I think it fits nicely here:

“Your real goal isn’t about raising money. Your real goal is to raise up people and create solid, long-term relationships.” – Myles Wilson, author of Funding the Family Business

Here are some ways to develop relationships that come from your Facebook campaigns:

1. If they live near you, go grab coffee, lunch, or dinner together. Spend time getting to know them and cast vision about your ministry.

2. Reach out to them via Facebook messenger with electronic resources on your ministry, and add them to your ministry Facebook page.

3. Ask if you could connect via phone, Skype, or FaceTime with those new financial partners that live far away.

4. Send them a thank you card in the mail and/or a small gift when appropriate. Send them a e-thank you card if snail mail seems un-appropriate.

5. Start following their Facebook page. Find out what their interests are and how you can engage.

I hope these tips help you create solid, long-term partnerships with those you meet in your own Facebook campaign!

Do You Want Free A Video?

Yes, you do.

Do you need a video? Yes, you do.

When you make yours, there are a lot of great videographers, friends you may have (with professional gear), vendors, and even apps that you can use to make a fabulous video that tells your story.

For the purpose of this blog though, I just want to make you aware of one particular resource that you can use free of charge and before you make your personalized professional video. Enter prayercast.com. PrayerCast is a completely-free-resource-gold-mine that exists to create free videos just for you. And they are good.


Simply check out their immense library for the country/religion you are needing, watch and download, and then share as you see fit (of course – always doing so keeping your own security needs in mind).


Prayercast.com videos should not take the place of you creating your own personalized video for itineration purposes. However, Prayercast videos could be used in addition to your personalized video or before your video gets made (it’s good to have multiple videos!).  The same goes for Adobe Voice videos. Both are a great tools, but if you can, look into getting your story professionally told. Creating a great looking video (the kind to share in front of large congregations) takes a lot of time and expertise. Unless you or someone you know has enough experience to create a great one, hire a great videographer / vendor that can tell your missional story professionally — don’t try to create your own.

(video is from Cadre31 – one of those great vendors I was speaking about above)

Top 5 Reasons for Creating and Sharing Video (in no order):

1. Videos add dynamic to social media posts. Online videos are 100% more social engaging. They create 139% more brand impact and a 46% conversion lift.

2. Video marketing is the latest trend. People spend their time online watching videos. By 2017, 90% of all internet traffic will be video

3.Life is fast, so make them take the time to look at your posts. On average, a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.

4. Churches and pastors love videos (because people love videos)

5. You can use videos for multiple occasions: (1) while speaking at a church (2) emailing a pastor or individual (3) a district church event, during a presentation (large or small group) (4) social media (5) table displays (6) newsletters, and more that I am not currently thinking of. Enhance any communication you are doing by visually telling your story.

Have you created a video? Share it with me by emailing me!

Create Your Own Ministry Facebook (Secret) Group

Untitled Infographic (5)


I hope that these 5 steps help you understand Facebook secret groups better. Here are a couple of additional thoughts while we are on the subject:

  • Creating a secret group may not be for you.
  • “Pages” are different from “groups”.
  • Choose to make a Facebook ministry “page” or create a separate Facebook account if you are not going to a sensitive population. They are preferable because they do not notify your audience every time you post. (unlike a Facebook “group” that does notify it’s group members every time a post is made.)
  • Facebook secret groups should not be a free-for-all of information just because it’s “secret”. As one person that serves a sensitive population put it “there is really nothing that is “secret” if it is on Facebook.” All sensitive locations have agreements with online services like FB and Twitter to make their content available due to security concerns.  That being said, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want someone else reading.

If you have questions, go ahead and post them in the comments section and I will be happy to get back to you. God bless you in creating your own Facebook group!

How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign (and other glorious FB information)

This video was made for sensitive country missionaries interested in making Facebook campaigns, (sensitive country means a country where it is dangerous to tell the outside world where you are going, particularly on the internet) however, it could be used for a missionary going to any country – sensitive or not.

The example used in the video is Dylan, a passionate missionary who raised her goal of $500 monthly support in 10 days. Dylan used interesting and passionate videos, well thought out content posts, and give-away incentives to reach a completely new audience with her ministry and need for monthly support — all within the context of safety on Facebook.

If you are interested in launching your own Facebook campaign, follow the information on the video and include the following:

1. Correct Timing: One thing we didn’t mention in the video is when to launch your Facebook campaign. The best time to launch is when you have raised approximately 75-85% of your budget. Facebook is a great tool, however it should not replace the face-to-face appointment as the number one way to raise up your financial partnership team. Nothing can take the place of being eyeball-to-eyeball / face-to-face when raising your finances. A Facebook campaign should be used to expand your contact list and/or used as more of a “last push” tool.

2. Make sure you have time in your schedule during your Facebook campaign. This should be a no-brainer, but just in case… If you have 15 people posting on their Facebook walls for 10 days, and you are supposed to be providing all of the content, videos, give-aways, etc for those 15 people – you will be busy. You will be busy not only keeping up with your 15 friends posting for you, but you will be busy keeping up with all of the people who like or comment on your friends’ posts. Thus make sure the 10 days you pick are good in your personal schedule. Do not fall behind during this time. Remain on top of the posts and give your 15 the information they need every single day to make your Facebook campaign successful.

Below are a couple of more thoughts and tips on Facebook, provided by social-media / branding genius for AGWM Mobilization – Ericka Pasquale. (also the creator and brain behind the video above!)

10 Tips for using FB as a Missionary

1. Connect, like, share, and continuously be active.

2. When connecting with pastors, consider private messaging them. Do so for introductions or even to scheduling meetings.

3. Post pictures, not just text.

4. Tag and engage your audience in your posts.

5. Promote services or engagements in order to invite others to attend in and around the area.

6. Post prayer requests.

7. Comment on financial team’s personal pages to let them know you are thinking about them. Private message your financial partners as well to find out how they are doing.

8. Post videos (short and quick update videos).

9. Encourage other missionaries to share your posts. Follow other missionaries and ministries and share their posts. Be engaged.

10. Create a conversation on posts utilizing the tag feature.  Generate a dialogue

5 Reasons Why Facebook is Effective in Maintaining and Building Your Financial Partnership Team.

1. It’s the Largest Free Country in the World. Facebook was founded in 2004, and just over 10 years later it is now the largest country in the world. With more people on Facebook then the entire population of China it is the most used free resource for communication. Anyone with internet access and email address can sign up for a Facebook account.

2. Engaged Users. According to Zephoria Internet Marketing Solutions: 890 million people login to their Facebook accounts every single day, and currently Facebook is growing at a rapid rate. 5 new profiles are created every single second. With over 300 million photos uploaded every day this show us that users are engaged. Why not engage with you and do something productive for the kingdom of God? This statistic also shows us that there are a lot of photos competing for users’ attention. So you when using Facebook, you need to target your posts strategically.

3. It is Global. In Europe alone there are over 230 million Facebook users. Facebook is a world wide phenomenon. And as I think upon my role as a marketing and brand lead for Assemblies of God World Missions, I am truly believe there are people in those 890 million daily users who would love to be apart of what God is doing around the world… they just might not have had the opportunity yet. Facebook could be that opportunity.

4. It helps Maintain Soild Relationships.  If I give a missionary a one time donation because I saw that missionary at my church, and then we become Facebook “friends” – then I have the opportunity to easily follow all the amazing things they are doing in ministry. When that missionary chooses to launch a fundraiser on Facebook, it is likely that I will be willing to switch from a one-time-gift to a monthly committed financial supporter. Why? Because that missionary and I are connected. Because I have been following what they are doing and where they are going. And here’s the main point: As a potential financial supporter I am going to invest in what I know, and Facebook makes it very easy to get to know someone.

5. Pastors Like Interacting On Facebook. Recent studies we have done at Assemblies of God World Missions have found that our itinerating missionaries have the most success with initial contact to a pastor by merely by sending a private Facebook message. Pastors are 8 times more likely to respond to a Facebook private message then they are to return a phone call….8 times.   – Ericka

In closing, good luck and God bless you in your own Facebook Campaign. And please, let me (Jenn) know how they go for you by sending me an email or commenting here.

Special thanks to Ericka Pasquale’s brain for this post.

End of the Year Giving Optimization

Did you know 10% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year, and on December 31st most online giving occurs between noon and 7 p.m (stats from http://www.durhamandcompany.com). Needless to say, it’s a good week to be asking people to join your financial partnership team. So, how can you use this information to your advantage? My first two ideas:

Get back to face-to-face appointments and develop a social media campaign. 

Face to Face Appointments: If you have procrastinated over the Christmas break in asking individuals to become involved in your team – now is the time to follow up or schedule some face-to-face appointments! Start fresh today and into the New Year in relationally building your team.

Social Media Campaign: Secondly, answer this question for me:

Are you fully utilizing social media?

You should be! Remember, on Dec 31st most online giving occurs between noon and 7pm and 10% of annual giving is happening NOW. Thus, a good appropriate post on a new Facebook page would be a great start!

Straight from the Assemblies of God World Missions Mobilization Department, here is a How-To on building a successful Facebook Campaign. Take a moment to watch and then apply a Facebook campaign in your own financial partnership development.

As you think about what steps you need to take into the New Year with financial partnership development – don’t make the mistake of replacing the face-to-face appointment with a social media campaign. However, learn how to utilize both to relationally build your team of financial and prayer partners.