Do You Want Free A Video?

Yes, you do.

Do you need a video? Yes, you do.

When you make yours, there are a lot of great videographers, friends you may have (with professional gear), vendors, and even apps that you can use to make a fabulous video that tells your story.

For the purpose of this blog though, I just want to make you aware of one particular resource that you can use free of charge and before you make your personalized professional video. Enter PrayerCast is a completely-free-resource-gold-mine that exists to create free videos just for you. And they are good.


Simply check out their immense library for the country/religion you are needing, watch and download, and then share as you see fit (of course – always doing so keeping your own security needs in mind).

KEEP IN MIND videos should not take the place of you creating your own personalized video for itineration purposes. However, Prayercast videos could be used in addition to your personalized video or before your video gets made (it’s good to have multiple videos!).  The same goes for Adobe Voice videos. Both are a great tools, but if you can, look into getting your story professionally told. Creating a great looking video (the kind to share in front of large congregations) takes a lot of time and expertise. Unless you or someone you know has enough experience to create a great one, hire a great videographer / vendor that can tell your missional story professionally — don’t try to create your own.

(video is from Cadre31 – one of those great vendors I was speaking about above)

Top 5 Reasons for Creating and Sharing Video (in no order):

1. Videos add dynamic to social media posts. Online videos are 100% more social engaging. They create 139% more brand impact and a 46% conversion lift.

2. Video marketing is the latest trend. People spend their time online watching videos. By 2017, 90% of all internet traffic will be video

3.Life is fast, so make them take the time to look at your posts. On average, a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.

4. Churches and pastors love videos (because people love videos)

5. You can use videos for multiple occasions: (1) while speaking at a church (2) emailing a pastor or individual (3) a district church event, during a presentation (large or small group) (4) social media (5) table displays (6) newsletters, and more that I am not currently thinking of. Enhance any communication you are doing by visually telling your story.

Have you created a video? Share it with me by emailing me!

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