8 Ways to Grow Your Relationships with Financial Partners

Last week I was privileged to write a guest post for Eurasia Northwest on 8 Ways to Grow Your Relationships with Partners. Take a moment and check it out!Missionaries_Losing_Supporters


Author: Jenn Fortner

Jenn Fortner is a seasoned fundraising coach with over 10 years of experience. Currently Jenn serves Eurasia Assembly of God World Missionaries and provides guided training and coaching to over 100 missionaries. Right out of college Jenn began to raise her own funds for ministry assignments and quickly realized a heart for not only ministry, but for the people who served as her financial and spiritual team throughout years of ministry. Jenn began a journey of coaching others called to ministry to develop a relational approach to raising their funds, and has coached over 300 missionaries throughout their journey of fundraising.

6 thoughts on “8 Ways to Grow Your Relationships with Financial Partners”

  1. Hi Jenn – I hope you see this! The link to your article doesn’t work anymore. I wonder if they redid their website? I was using that link in my online course for people to read your article. So I need to find that article and get a new link. Can you help me? Thanks! Terry Sherman

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      1. Great, thanks! I’ll make a new link to this article instead. Thanks for being so quick to answer!


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