Nehemiah 1&2 – Tips for Raising Your Support Straight From The Bible

Lets all take a quick moment and read Nehemiah 1-2.

Most if not all trainings on how to biblically raise support reference Nehemiah chapters 1-2. Nehemiah is a great example that relates to the missionary calling and talking with individuals 1 on 1 for financial support. Two main points are seen in Nehemiah 1-2: (1.) to show the importance of opening up one’s mouth and actually asking and (2.) casting clear vision to those who would potentially partner with us.
I challenge you to read Nehemiah this week and the weeks to come during your season of financial partnership development. Take your time and ask God to show you how to biblically raise your finances. Ask God to change your paradigm from simply raising funds to inviting people to take a bigger part in the Great Commission.

Here are a few amazing partnership development tips we can pick up from reading the book of Nehemiah:

1. Continually (and always) cast your vision. Move yourself away from just getting money to getting the people in your life behind the vision of your life. Most of the time we are so focused on getting to 100% support that we never really embark on the journey of building a support team. Press into the ongoing effort of building and developing a team. Never miss an opportunity to cast the vision of what God is leading you to do and what you have asked your team to invest themselves into.

2. Continually help your ministry partners see that they are a part of a significant team. Check out Nehemiah 3 and notice all the different types of people that Nehemiah brought together to accomplish the work of God on his heart. Those who continually let their partners know they are a part of the BIG vision not only raise their funds faster, they will raise their funds with committed long-term partners! Communicate continually through your language and actions that they are a part of a big team God is using to accomplish what is on His heart – fulfilling the Great Commission.

3. Don’t give into your wrong assumptions. Do not let the enemy convince you that the people in your life don’t want to give or partake in the Great Commission. And don’t let the enemy tell you that a person doesn’t want to be on your team. Let God decide that with them! Listening to these type of assumptions will keep you from doing the very things that foster a healthy and growing relationship with our ministry partners. Likewise, don’t let the enemy convince you that when you challenge your team of partners to do even more for you, that they will not want to partake in the opportunity. Take a moment and read Nehemiah chapter 4. Nehemiah needed to add a few things to his project and challenge the people working with him to do more. You’ll find that as you involve your supporters beyond just praying and giving, they will take more ownership of your ministry and being on your partnership team. (think referrals, hosting desserts, and partners becoming advocates)

4. Be your team’s biggest cheerleader! Brag on them! Involve them often. Encourage and love them often. Nehemiah was a tireless advocate for those who were standing with him building the wall and everyone saw it and wanted to be more involved. And what is one of the biggest opportunity to serve your partnership team: be committed to pray for them. In Nehemiah 4:4, he understood that he must stand in the gap for his team. Do likewise. Share your life and prayers with them and see what happens.

As you read Nehemiah apply these intentional principles to your partnership development. You will find excited ministry partners because of it, and as you grow your partnership team you will find them ready to go with you in the long haul.

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