Great Idea: Use LinkTree For Support Raising

Do you ever wonder which link to use when directing people online to find out more about you and your ministry? Do you direct them straight to your giving site? Social media? Or perhaps to a website you maintain or your organization maintains? If you have multiple platforms and have a hard time deciding what is best — what if you didn’t have to choose?

Enter Linktree! And as their tagline boasts: it’s the only link you’ll ever need!

I’m not completely new to Linktree. It’s likely you are not either, and like me you have seen it utilized a few places. I’ve noticed them in a few of my friend’s Instagram bios, in some businesses, or even on various influencers pages who maintain multiple websites. I’ve also seen it used as a QR code link for large events. But I’ve never thought of it as a support raising tool until last week, when I heard a ministry couple (here I will call them the Meritt family) share their strategy using Linktree when speaking at various church services. So no… this isn’t a sponsored post in case you’re wondering! I just thought it was a really great idea worth sharing.

For those of you who aren’t aware of it, let me share what Linktree is. Essentially it’s a website you create that the user can click on whatever content/link you see fit – creating a simple hub of information. In this instance, it’s a landing page you can send someone to learn more about you and your ministry. Here’s an screen shot of the Meritt’s Linktree landing page:

Meritt family’s Linktree main page. Including (listed in order) their personalized organizational website, a sample missions message on You Tube, their giving site, another way someone can set up a monthly partnership, a newsletter sign up page, their personal website, and ways to contact them.

The Meritt’s Linktree has some very valuable information all in one simple hub. Examples of what else could be included on this Linktree or others like it would be social media pages, organizational information, various helpful websites, and a well maintained blog (there are likely a lot more I’m not thinking of!).

For the Meritt’s Linktree — I’d love to draw attention to what a great idea it is to have a sample missions message on YouTube; particularly as they often travel to speak at churches within our denomination.

Meritt family’s Linktree homepage, but the “Missions Message” button clicked on to give a 47 minute message on missions.

Here is a list of a few ways you may consider using Linktree in your support raising strategy:

Back of the Meritt family’s prayer card, that includes branding, email address, phone number, and QR code for their Linktree.
  • As your link in the signature of your emails.
  • For QR codes / printed materials on display tables at church services, events, etc.
  • As your link for a text message or email to individuals after a fundraising event, small group event, or face to face appointment (or during!).

I hope this idea of using Linktree for your QR codes and links is helpful! Do you have any other ideas for ways to utilize Linktree? Put it in the comments!

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