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Hi. I am Jenn Fortner, the creator of Financial Partnership Development for the Eurasia Region of Assembly of God World Missions. I’m author of Financial Partnership Development: Fundraising Made Relational, a support raising coach to numerous missionaries, an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and a speaker on the subject of support raising.

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I’m also a music enthusiast, a photographer, a wife to my loving husband Zach, mother to my two children Sloane and Merrick, and the self-proclaimed duchess of Pineapple Whip (my hometown Springfield MO’s beloved non-dairy ice cream/not really ice cream). After college cira 2004, I found the Lord calling me into full time ministry. I needed to raise support. And I quickly learned I didn’t know how to. Over time (and a lot of mistakes) God and I built up a committed partnership team and I became fully funded in ministry for over 10 years. I quickly realized during that time that I not only had a passion for ministry, but a passion to see my financial partnership team as a vital part of the ministry and ministered to. We really were a team! It wasn’t just a nice way of saying it.

I began a journey of coaching other missionaries to develop the same passion and approach to their support raising, and in the process have coached around 500 missionaries over 9 years.

My desire in this blog is to help others in ministry and/or missions develop a relational, practical, and biblical approach in raising their funds. I write on any and all things about raising support / fundraising. That includes tips, guidance, organization, scripture, and more.

I hope you find it all to be helpful information born from personal experience, research, and coaching numerous missionaries. You can contact me via email or facebook. If you’d like more information on my workbook available for purchase, jump over to the workbook page or contact me with questions. If you’d like more information on Life Coaching or obtaining partnership development coaching, click here. – JF

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I speak to various audiences (when appropriate to my schedule) on the topic of support raising. If you would like to contact me about a possible speaking opportunity, please contact me via email at jfortner@eurasiaregion.com.

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