Create Your Own Ministry Facebook (Secret) Group

  I hope that these 5 steps help you understand Facebook secret groups better. Here are a couple of additional thoughts while we are on the subject: Creating a secret group may not be for you. “Pages” are different from “groups”. Choose to make a Facebook ministry “page” or create a separate Facebook account if … Continue reading “Create Your Own Ministry Facebook (Secret) Group”

Video: How to Launch a Successful Facebook Campaign

I have been sharing for a couple of years now how effective a well-executed Facebook Campaign can be. The idea started from the Assemblies of God Mobilization department to utilize the power social media can have in expanding one’s network. And man we have seen the idea spread and grow over the years! We (Assemblies … Continue reading “Video: How to Launch a Successful Facebook Campaign”

How To Get From 28% Funded to 100% In ONE WEEK: Testimony

Eariler this month a couple I coach in financial partnership went from 28% funded to 100% funded within ONE WEEK. Yes, that’s right, ONE WEEK. The story is full of those Jesus moments that hits like a ton of bricks. It’s the kind of story that reminds me that yes, God is real. And yes, … Continue reading “How To Get From 28% Funded to 100% In ONE WEEK: Testimony”

Busy? 10 Easy Ways to Keep Up With Donors While On The Field

This past month I traveled for the majority of the month, visiting various christian workers I had previously coached. Those workers are now on the field in active their respective ministry roles. In almost every conversation I had with them, they touched on the need for help connecting with their financial partners while leading very … Continue reading “Busy? 10 Easy Ways to Keep Up With Donors While On The Field”